"If you don't recognize​ your worth, how can you expect someone else to?  When you value it, then others will be forced to recognize it as well."


I am so glad you stopped by...

​I will like to thank you for stopping by and just as if you were stepping foot into my actual home, I will like for you to feel welcomed into my virtual one.  As you are my guest, I hope you find something that can help you. With gratitude and an open heart, I invite you to explore the rooms or pages of my virtual home. 

Allow me to give you a brief tour.  My virtual house is designed to give you some insight on the person I am and provide a glimpse of Rolanda Footman.  Here you will also be able to see what I am up to and where you will be able to find me and what I have to offer.  Since this is my Virtual Home, you can also contact me directly here. 

​Please come in and sit down and look around.  I hope you find what you are looking for and/or something else.  If you can’t, go ahead and drop me a line on the contact page and I will surely do my best to get you what you need. 

With love and joy, I welcome you here to my virtual home!