"If you don't recognize​ your worth, how can you expect someone else to?  When you value it, then others will be forced to recognize it as well."

About Rolanda

Who is she?

Rolanda Footman, owner of Plan Prosper Grow (PPG) Consulting LLC and author of Breaking Up: A Journey to You, is a true up and comer in the arena of inspirational speaking and life coaching.  She empowers others to achieve their own goals and dreams by accepting their current reality. Rolanda understands circumstances are stepping stone to your success. 

​Rolanda Footman
is a Philadelphia native and was educated in the public school system.  She lived in public housing however she remained hopeful of better days. Although she went through hardships during her life such as the loss of a few people very close to her in a short amount of time, she still remained hopeful and pushed on.  These losses provided her the opportunity for introspection as she truly understood how short life is.

​The memories and spirits of her love ones who have gone one fueled her to take a look at herself and her life.  From there she began her journey to finding herself.  That was when the “Plan” in her company’s name was born. 

Rolanda Footman
decided to complete her education and became  a two time graduate from Saint Joseph’s University (with honors) receiving Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Master’s Degree with a concentration in Behavior Counseling studying the principles of Behavior Analysis. Rolanda decided to user her education to assist others to determine the causes of their behaviors and circumstances in an effort to create better relationships with others beginning with the internal relationship with the “self”. 

goal in life became being the best person she could as well as a positive influence and assisting people create a better life for themselves via coaching, writing, motivational speaking, and friendship to all that will allow.  She does this by communicating with people in language they understand. Rolanda feels everyone has potential and it is her passion to help others reach theirs as she continues to challenge herself.  

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